The strongest performances are built from within.

Meaning: What we see onstage is the result of countless hours of toil, sweat, failure and resilience.  It is only by becoming a stronger person on the inside that we get to the seemingly effortless level of confidence exuded by our students.

This is as true in life as it is in dance.

The Nutcracker

Auditions for the 2019 student cast for Milwaukee Ballet’s Production of The Nutcracker will be held on Saturday, September 21. 

The Nutcracker Audition Times & Requirements, As of Sept 19
Family Guide, as of July 8, 2019
The Nutcracker Rehearsal and Performance Calendar, as of September 6



Student Showcase, 2020

Artwork by Nicola Raube.

The Giant’s Garden is a production by MBSA Director, Rolando Yanes, based on the story The Selfish Giant, a story of a garden that can only thrive on the joy and delight of children.

All students in Pre-Ballet I through Academy II are encouraged to participate in the annual student showcase.  Additional details will be posted during the school year, as they become available.

May 26-28 | Mandatory Dress Rehearsals during after school/evening hours
May 29-31 | Performances

Peter Pan

Milwaukee Ballet’s production of Peter Pan will have a small student cast.  Students in Ballet V and up who are between 4’9″ and 5’2″ will be eligible to audition.  Audition, rehearsal and performance information will be available in the spring.

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